Working Gundogs Association of Australia - Tasmania

A dog in a field retrieving a dummy.
Welcome to T21 WGAA Tasmania!

SSAA Working Gundogs is a shotgun discipline that uses trained gundogs for hunting and retrieving in the field. Responsible hunters ensure that game is quickly despatched and retrieved over land or water. The gundog has been fulfilling this role for centuries.

Owning a well-trained gundog doesn’t just happen by chance; an intensive training program is normally undertaken from the puppy stage, often with the help of a club. Working Gundogs is committed to providing training for its members and regularly conducts training days and other events to improve dogs for hunting and retrieving in the field. The dog’s skills are also honed for trials. The discipline is structured to facilitate all levels of dogs, from young beginners to mature champions, and is fortunate to have some of Australia’s leading trainers and handlers as instructors.

What sets us apart?

At SSAA WGAA Tasmania, we offer unparalleled training and education for all gundog owners. Our gundog trials not only sharpen the skills of your canine companion but also forge a bond that transforms them into a hunting partner you’ll delight in shooting over.

Why Join SSAA WGAA Tasmania?

1️⃣ Local Connection: Be part of a vibrant community right here in Tasmania, sharing the passion for gundogs and the great outdoors.

2️⃣ Expert Training: Access top-notch training programs that bring out the best in your gundog, making them a joy to hunt with.

3️⃣ Thrilling Field Trials: Experience the excitement of gundog trials that challenge and showcase your dog’s skills, solidifying the partnership between you and your gundog.

Ready to embark on a journey with your gundog? Whether you’re a seasoned gundog owner or a curious newcomer, SSAA WGAA Tasmania welcomes you.

Get in touch with us to learn more or join us at one of our dynamic training days held at various locations throughout the state.

Photo Gallery

Event Name Event Details

Introduction to Retrieving

14/01/2024 9:00 am

Join us at King Street Oval, Campbell Town, every Sunday commencing January 14 and into February for a 6 week boot camp for you and your gundog. Absolute beginners and experienced alike are welcome. Learn the skills and commands required to compete in our Trials, or to have a rock steady gundog who is a joy to shoot over. This is a comprehensive, and intensive training course, and we recommend attending every session to derive the best outcome for both you and your dog.

Test and Intermediate Trial

02/03/2024 8:00 am

Our first trial weekend for the year.
Test and Intermediate Stakes.
Two days, camping available on site.
Venue TBC.
A great opportunity to apply and assess all the skills you and your gundog learnt in our Intro to Retrieving course, in a friendly competitive trial environment.

Type Price
Trial Stake 15